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Transformer Manufacturing

During 1981 two managers and the former Managing Director of SemaElectrical whose experience in the design of the above plant amounted to over 40 years,broke away from Hubert Davies and formed Transformer Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd.

The main workshop consisted of various departments i.e. Spray booth, Preassembly, Dryingovens, Final assembly, Panel wiring, Service Division, Testing and Dispatch.

Currently all products are manufactured and tested according to SANS780and IEC 76. Future upgrades to the testing facility will allow the company to do Heat Runs and give the clients full assurance and confidence of theproduct which has been manufactured for them.

Services Department

With the ever increasing costs of replacements, it has become effective to maintain transformers and switchgear. The company offers fully equipped serviceteams that are able to do full Dissolved Gas Analysis, KV, Moisture tests, present a report and recommendations and rectify them in a short period of time, We also offer a complete refurbishment on site and off site. The teams’sadopts a zero tolerance to health and safety and so far we have had no fatalities to date.

The concentration ison full customer satisfaction and safety at all times.The facilities in 2008 completed one of its largest jobsbeing a 35MVA for Uranium1 in Klerksdorp entailing,purification, complete re-gasket, re spray, cabling, commissioning and refurbishment of instrumentation.

Who are we?


Managing Director:



General Manager:

Aubrey Chabalala

Factory Manager:

Leonald Hobyane


14 Simon Bekker Road,
Germiston South,

Approximately 30km From OR Tambo International and 20km from Johannesburg City Centre

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What we do

Delivery Capacity-1.3t and 10t Trucks to deliver around Gauteng and other Provinces.

10t Truck with Transnet Special Transformersready for delivery.

1.3t Pick-up Truck with Mobile Oil Purification Plant used for on-site Oil purification process. The plant is blecable to circulate and purify dirty oil from a transformer to remove Moisture below 10pp, Improve KV up to 70KV and remove impurities from the oil and thus extending ththe life span of the transformer. The machine also removes Dissolved Gasses from the oil to be within specification SANS 555.